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When your'e building kennels for dogs there are things to consider. Let us help you with tips and illustrations on making the perfect canine containment systems for your four legged family members. We install Custom Dog Runs in Arizona or offer kits as well as additional LOW COST Material and instructions on pet containment systems. Free Delivery and Set-Up in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Sun City, Care Free, Cave Creek, Peoria, and other areas of Maricopa County AZ.

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How to build a dog kennel

5 Foot X 5 Foot Interior Dog Kennel Installation
Step by Step Instructions on How To Build A Dog Kennel.
First you need to draw plans and decide where is the best place to house your furry member of the family. One popular area for an interior area for a puppy pen is in your garage. In this tutorial we will build a kennel for 3 hunting dogs on the South end of the garage. This is very convenient for feeding, watering, and tending to to your pets without going outside into the snow, rain, and other extreme elements. Above is a picture of a dog enclosure located in the interior of the garage with ample space. The best size for an interior dog enclosures is 5 feet by 5 feet which gives plenty of room for food, water, and a bed. The interior should also have a kennel gate for easy access.
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  Do It Yourself Dog Kennel

5 Foot X 10 Foot Exterior Dog Run Installed
  An outdoor kennel is a great way to give your dog lots of room to run and a space that is all theirs while keeping them happy and healthy. Mark an area and dig out an area in the ground approximately 8 inches deep by 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. The above pictures and diagram of how to build a dog kennel can made from welded wire or chain link. Check with your city planner to make sure you do not need a building permit for this. If you live in a suburban area, there might be zoning and building codes that limit the type and size that you can build on your property. Around the outside perimeter of dog run use steel stakes to set forms for a concrete footing with 2 inch by 8 inch lumber. Set the forms to allow the cement footing to be approximately 8 inches deep by 8 inches wide. Place a strong wire for the best floor for dog kennels extending under your concrete forms to prevent your pets from digging out. If you are digging over electrical, water, or gas lines use a sheet of 1 MM metal to cover utility lines to prevent animals from hurting themselves. It is preferable to build the exterior of dog enclosures facing the South so that your dogs will get sunlight and stay warm. The above dog enclosure image shows illustrations on building an exterior kennel for 3 pets on the South end of the garage. This allows easy access from your garage with less work to feed, water, and take care of your pets without leaving the house. Above is a picture of the Southern exterior of the garage with ample space for each dog. The ideal space for an outside kennel is 5 feet wide by 10 feet long. This measurement matches the width of the interior pet enclosure with plenty of room to stretch outside. An outdoor dog kennel is a great way to give your dog lots of room to run and a space that is all theirs while keeping them happy.
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Free dog kennel plans with step by step instructions

STEP 2.   Kennel Flooring For Dog Saftey. After pouring cement in hunting dog kennel forms. Remove 2 by 8 lumber forms and finish concrete with a swimming pool finish so that there are no rough edges that might harm your pets. A little planning and work will go a long way to make your dog enclosure the envy of the neighborhood. Make sure that the flooring does not have any sharp edges. Cut or bend ends of wire in bottom of dog kennel flooring to insure that your pets will not punture or cut their paws when digging.
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Diagram on how to build a dog kennel

STEP 3.   How To Rattle Snake Proof A Dog Kennel. Building your own kennel is probably better than buying a ready-built one. By constructing one on your own, you can easily incorporate things like rattlesnake proof wire along the dog fencing. The best way to prevent your dogs from snake bite is to install 1/4 inch rabbit wire around perimeter of kennel. This will also keep rodents out of the kennel that are attracted by the dog's food and water. The wire should be anchored in concrete and approximately 24 inches high. The wire can be secured by using plastic lock-ties. Small snakes can slip through chicken wire rendering it unacceptable.
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  How To Prevent Rattle Snake Bites For Dogs

STEP 3-B.   How To Prevent Rattlesnake Bites For Dogs After installing your dog boarding facilities with rattle snake proof wire you will still have openings at the exterior gates where reptiles and rodents can slip through. A secure entry can be acheived by adding a solid door that can be dropped into slots on each side of gate. Application of the wire and solid door is the best way to keep snakes out of a dog kennels and runs.
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How To Install A Doggy Door

How To Install A Doggy Door

STEP 4.   Intructions & Pictures on Installing Pet Entry Doors.   Be sure that you order the the correct size doggy door. For long term use it is best to size the pet door so that the top is about 2 inches taller than your dog's shoulders. The resulting bottom of the doggy door should be a comfortable step over height. You can order pet entries to fit your door or wall with thickness ranging from 2 inches to 10 inches. If you decide on a wall model doggy door you will want to avoid electrical, gas, and water lines in the wall. Depending on your decision on a suitable area for your door or wall model a pet entry door the following tools may be needed: Tape measure, Circular Saw with wood or masonary blade, Drywall saw or jig saw, Electric grinder, Electric drill, Masonary drill bit, Level, Masking tape, Silicone, Caulk, & Caulk gun.
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Interior Dog Kennels

STEP 5.   Mark & Cut Interior Wall For Doggy Door.   Measure the width and height of your pet entry door and mark the interior wall of dog kennel accordingly. The bottom of the doggy door should be 4 inches off the ground for small dogs, 8 inches off the ground for medium and large dogs. Cut interior wall with wood or masonary blade. To install in a wood framed wall, mark the stud locations and place the entry between studs. When cutting through masonary it is nessasary to over cut the interior wall approximately 4 inches beyond the exact size of doggy door so that your exterior wall will have a clean cut. Check both sides of wall to make sure that the area that you are cutting is free of wiring and plumbing.
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Installing A Door For Pets

STEP 6.   Mark Corner Of Dog Kennel For Entry Door.   At one of the upper corners of the doggy door drill through the wall to exterior of animal shelter so that it is marked outside. This will give you a bearing on exactly where to cut the exterior of dog kennel. If you do cut interior wall outside of where door is marked simply use painters caulk to hide over cut area.
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Installation Of Doggy Door In Masonary Wall

STEP 7.   Mark Kennel's Exterior Wall For Doggy Doors. After drilling one corner of pet entry door you can use a level and tape measure to mark the exterior of dog kennels to finish the cut. If cutting into a wood frame home, use a circular saw. If cutting a masonary wall you can use either a grinder or circular saw with masonary blades.
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  Do It Yourself Doggy Doors

STEP 8.   How To Cut Wall To Install Doggy Doors. After marking the exterior of kennel the "Do It Yourself Doggy Doors" are easy to cut and install. If cutting through a masonary wall use a sledge hammer and hit the exterior of wall from the outside going in. This will prevent excess damage to the exterior of home or garage.
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How To Shade A Dog Kennel

STEP 9.   How To Shade Your Kennel   It is important to make sure that your dog gets plenty of water and shade on hot days. You should have shade for the dog kennel so that your pets do not get overheated. The summer heat in Arizona can be especially dangerous to dogs. The best way to shade for dog kennels is to build it under a large tree or on the North side of a house or garage. This method is the least expensive and will provide the shade naturally. If this is not an option you can install a kennel roof by building a frame with 2 Inch X 6 Inch Lumber. Anchor the kennel roof to the wall of existing structure with lags. Galvanized steel roofing is then attached to the wood frame with screws. The roof can be powder coated in the color of your choice or galvanized steel.
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Interior Dog Kennels

STEP 10.   How To Install Kennel Lighting   Sensor lights are a preferred method of lighting for dog kennels. This allows the owner and pets the ability to see when there is activity and will automatically turn off so that the dogs can sleep without being disturbed by the bright light. This method will is also energy efficient and will save on your electricity bill.
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The Best Dog Kennel Flooring

STEP 11.   The Best Flooring For Dog Kennels One preferred method of flooring for an exterior dog kennel is laying down about 6 to 8 inches of 1/2 inch round river rock. This is more comfortable than cracked gravel for the dog's paws. This also is the most sanitary exterior flooring because the dog poop can be easily raked and scooped up. The rocks can be sprayed with a hose to wash away urine that will be absorbed in the ground which is 6 to 8 inches below the kennel flooring.
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